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Mon, Dec 10, 2018 1:25 PM

Bone sticking out

Hello, its been about 9 months since I got my full upper denture. For a while a piece of my bone along the front of my gum on the left side has felt a bit weird, it wasn't exactly poking through or bothering me. Then suddenly this morning it decided to start poking out and its rubbing against my denture a bit. Its a good little bit coming out and I think it may have to be ground down, but I dont know. I'm gonna give the dentist a call this week. Has anyone had bone sticking out along the front before? Or had bone ground down? is it normal to have bone pieces starting to stick out after its been this long?


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2 years ago

It's actuly plac that was around the tooth that was there can take up to a year

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2 years ago

I had my upper teeth extracted over 35 years ago with no issues whatsoever. 3 months ago I had all of my lowers extracted and it’s been one thing after another. I can’t get a good fit with my lower plate. They’re supposed to do the second soft reline this week but I feel like it’s a moot point. I have what feels like a bone in the front of my gums but hasn’t tried poking out yet. My gums in the very front are so much shorter, for lack of a better word and I’m wondering if that may be one reason it’s such a lousy fit. I go in, get them adjusted, they feel ok, then I get home and an hour later they are flopping all around. I’m depressed, I don’t eat much of anything, to the point I feel malnourished. I’m just sick of the whole damn thing. I would try implants but I’m maxed out on my insurance and I just can’t afford them