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Thu, Nov 8, 2018 4:43 AM

Bone Spur in Mouth comes out 57 years after teeth were extracted?

My mom had all her teeth extracted at 17 & was fitted for dentures, she is now 74.

She was complaining she had a swollen lymph node, and that her jaw was hurting.
She put the heating pad under her chin, rub some abnesol on her gum to ease the pain.
Nothing was helping, so finally she looked in her mouth and saw what look like a small bump or possibly a canker sore, so started rubbing it with her tounge. She noticed the bump was getting very large really fast & the pain was almost umberable, to the point she was ready to go to hospital.
She decided she would try the abnesol one more time, she put it on the Q tip and started to rub & then all of a sudden this 1 inch piece of bone popped out!!
The good news is pain stopped almost instantly, the concerning news is it’s been 57 years since extraction! How does this happen?
Why would she never have a symptom or anything before now?

1 inch bone spur 57 years after Extraction

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Check out ostenecrosis.

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Same concern here. Following this thread to get insights too.

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What a shocking condition. Happy your mom recovered. Tree Surgeons Sunderland!