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Thu, May 17, 2018 6:58 PM

Bone Shaving Surgery and lump under my bottom partial.....

I have severe monkey mouth and had my original extractions (8 top teeth, all I had left!) on March 23. When asked about this, my dentist told me that  they couldnt shave the teeth down anymore or it would compromise the integrity of the denture. He said my only option was surgery to shave down the bone. Has anyone else been told this? Also, I have a partial lower denture and the metal part on my front teeth is causing an irritation on the floor of my mouth that is becoming painful. I told the dentist and his response is its hitting the muscle there and there is nothing we can do... I am frustrated. I am glad to have the pain gone form my bad teeth, but I look like a freak and have new pain to deal with....

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Il y a 4 y

Ok, so you're still fairly new to this all. I had fairly big knuckles (how my prosthodontist described it to me), which would have resulted in something like you are describing so my bone was shaved down when my teeth were removed (under a general). I also had very small teeth originally and they took some height off my jaw bone as he said the dentures would otherwise give me that very "full" mouth feeling.

Regardless, I really felt like I had that monkey mouth appearance you're talking about, for a long time! Even after my first reline which did reduce the size of my dentures. But a few years down now and I don't see that at all, yet nothing really has changed.

You may just be hyper away of the change in your face, but I think if you give it time your self image will normalise. Face it, you have had something pretty significant done! Probably no one else has noticed it?

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Il y a 4 y

Agreed. As for the bottom. Look into a flexible partial. If your dentist doesn't have it, find one.

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Il y a 7 m

After three months with two sets of immediate upper dentures, now my Dr wants to do an alveoloplasty. Shave off  some bone to correct my gummy smile. 

It's a journey with lots of ups and downs but worth it. . Can't wait to have a normal smile.