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Thu, Jun 10, 2021 6:49 AM

All dentists and thier stupid dentures suck!!

I paid 3,200 for an immediate top denture and aid extractions losing your teeth is a horrible your natural teeth because you'll never look the same ever and then you put that on top of shitty dentures and you may as well just throw in the towel because your life is over and you know it and I've read because I read this community for 3 months trying to figure shit out and I never heard anybody say you know dentures are going to ruin your life and it doesn't matter if they did if they feel good.. cuz you know what they never look good ever and I don't know why because Dennis sucks that's why because you know what if they advertise you know movie star smile that's bullshit I've had friends who got paid $30,000 for veneers or or implants 40,000 going to the doctor rocks and 3,200 for me and they don't have never seen anybody that's like wow they look really good no never. My dentist sucks so hard and was so I'm sympathetic that when he pulled my teeth shut that denture and put that jam that mirror in my face I looked and I just instinctively started crying I was horrible I had no lips I look like an alien I still do my denture goes fucking shoves right up against my goes up too far right underneath my nose my teeth are so small it looks like I'm with it looks like I have no teeth even with these teeth in and they're just horrible and it doesn't have anything to do with the way they fit or how I eat I mean that's fine but I don't give a shit I'd rather look good than anything. So when I started crying he just looked at me and said they look better than when you came in and I just want to punch him in the fucking face but what can I do you know I'm stuck like Chuck and they know it and you know it and I know it and they don't give a shit I have never ever had any luck with any dentist that have ever went to I've had dentists that wouldn't give me any pain pills because they are old and didn't do that or I had a dentist that replaced one back tooth for me and he did such a shity I left the dentist that day with a post and then when you put the fake tooth in it look like a yellow like a piece of corn fucking idiot and then I had a this Dennis with the dentures it's it's been the worst experience in my entire life and it's you know I don't know how I'm supposed to enjoy the rest of my life from here on out I really don't because I don't ever want to see anybody that knew me before these dentures it's like 1 minute I went from being a pretty girl the next minute I look like a fucking 80 year old rag ragamuffin alien woman with no lips and teeth that weren't even made for my face it's retarded I hate it I hate them and I hate Dennis I think they're all liars and ripoffs and they don't give a shit they just went they just get into it for the money because if my dentist single shit about how I felt about my dentures that he put in he would have he would have warned me beforehand you know because obviously you can see that I'm a girl that cares about my looks fucking jerk and aren't you supposed to make the dentures because from your X-rays and they're supposed to be exactly like your regular teeth? I have ghosted every guy that I know I am grateful  that I can wear my mask! 


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