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Fri, Jun 28, 2013 10:14 AM

A few questions

I have worn upper dentures for about 14 years. I just received lower dentures today and am finding that they are not at all the same as the uppers were. I had almost no adjustment time with the uppers at all, when I put them in they almost dissapired in my mouth and felt natrual right away. My bottom ones on the other hand feel very chunky and way to tall. I dont seem to be able to talk correctly, I was able to talk better the 6 weeks I went with no bottom teeth then I seem to be able to do now. With some of my words, my teeth seem to click together and I'm mostly having trouble with "s" words. They also seem to be very thick and make me feel like there is no room for anything else in my mouth - such as food. Is all of this normal wth bottom dentures? Any feedback would be great, thank you.
(from jovigirl)
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