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Sun, Jan 3, 2016 3:11 AM

10000 on teeth and cant wear

4 months ago had all teeth pulled upper and lower.I have had 2 sets of temps made and couldnt wear either.The upper gagged me so bad my dentist cut palate out and I have to wear so much glue it makes me sick.Cant wear bottom ones at all because if I have them in noone can understand me.This is horrible.Im 46 and went in debt 10000 to have all teeth pulled and dentures and now im toothless and cant wear dentures.This is my upper denture.Can someone tell me if plastic comes in to far from teeth where fingers at?I feel like this makes me talk funny and same wayon bottom and I feel like it holds tounge up to far.


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5 years ago

Have you tried a sample of the Comfort Lining yet? I am out of state right now so I do not know if I received my Comfort Lining sample yet. If it works, that is what I will need to be using, since something in the Poligrip and Fixodent cause me to have three days of abdominal cramping along with them causing some bleeding issues. My dentist informed me that I can no longer use these to adhesive products, so I am waiting for the Comfortlining sample to show my dentist and his other patients.