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sleeping with partial dentures

i just got my top partial denture on the 29th it is the flexibase and they are pretty comfortable taking them out hurts a little and putting them back in kills me i want to cry i got 10 teeth pulled and stitches them the denture put right in place my question is can i sleep in them my dentist said i didnt have to soak them just brush them with toothpaste but everything i read said to soak them do i have to or can i just brush them and once a week take them out and soak them the pain is pretty much gone but when i have to put them back in i have to get the stitches out on monday but was wondering what people do to keep them clean i dont want to be w/o them at all if possible it feels better with them in
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  • Hi. I was told (and I did) to leave them in for awhile while the gums heal. It will still hurt while they are in and eating will not be fun. Once all the pain is gone, taking them out and putting them in will be like clothes (quick, easy and no pain). Once you have no pain, you can then decide when and for how long to keep them out, I usually have them soak for about 4 hrs a day. You can definitely leave them in while sleeping, it's all up to you. Good luck and hang in there, it does get better! Even after the pain subsides, you may get pain later, then it's time for an adjustment. Take care. Ken (I also had a lot of teeth pulled, all in one session. wasn't a fun day huh?)
    (from deskzombie)
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