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denture powder

I have several comments about powder vs the adhesive. How does the powder work? Can you use powder with the soft liner in? I am on Day 17 with dentures and still can't chew. I try to practice with nothing in my mouth, just doing the motions, but then when I eat, It's like I have a mental block that won't let me chew and I have this fear of choking. Any suggestions? I also don't feel like I can open my mouth as wide, is this a phase. Will the powder hold the bottoms in better?
(from Regret?)
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  • I'm Karen, the Fixodent Community Manager. I know it's difficult trying to eat with new dentures. As you continue to adjust to your new teeth, the muscles of your lips, cheeks & tongue will learn how to hold your lowers in place. In time you'll feelmore comfortable with them.
    Fixodent Powder forms a thin,powerful sealto holddentures in place. We suggest checking withyour dentist or the manufacturer of yoursoft liner before use. If you'd like to give it a try, send an email to with your name, your username, and your address. Thanks!
    Other members of our forum, please let us know if you ever felt like your dentures prevented you from openingyour mouth as wide. We'd love to hear from you!
    (from Karen @ Fixodent)
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